Oculid Webinar: Skyrocket your e-commerce using smartphone eye tracking

How can eye tracking offer insights into mobile e-commerce? Join our free webinar on the 27th of September and find out.

Since 2015, mobile traffic is as significant as desktop traffic, which gives e-commerce new possibilities to sell - but also new challenges.

If you are planning to run a successful e-commerce, you must deliver an outstanding mobile experience for your users. Creating a fantastic user journey on smartphones can help you skyrocket your e-commerce and get ahead of the competition, attracting customers and increasing your revenue.

Join our webinar Skyrocket your e-commerce: customer experience using smartphone eye tracking on the 27th of September at 12 PM CEST and learn how smartphone eye tracking research can give you the tools you need to build a successful e-commerce. After the webinar, we will have a Q&A session, so make sure you stay with us till the end!

You will learn

  • What eye tracking is,
  • How smartphone eye tracking works,
  • Insights you can gain from testing your e-commerce with eye tracking.

Register now

September 27, 2021


40 minutes

Free of charge

About the speaker

Dr. Antje Venjakob studied Psychology and Human Factors and conducted eye tracking research in various fields of application at the Technical University Berlin. She received a PhD for her studies on visual search and perception in medical imaging before founding Oculid together with Dr. Stefan Ruff and Klaas Filler.

About Oculid

Oculid offers advanced eye tracking technology for smartphones. We provide an easy and remote testing solution for market and UX research teams to measure visual attention and engagement. Our platform allows you to test digital products, ad campaigns and packaging on mobile phones using the selfie camera. Our data analysis shows how a design performs and which design elements can be optimized. Oculid’s testing platform is easy to use, remote and reliable. It allows research teams to conduct studies anywhere in the world, directly on participants' mobile devices at the comfort of their home, and get in-lab quality insights at a fraction of the cost.


September 2, 2021

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