3 easy steps to lab-quality insights

Oculid’s testing platform is easy to use, remote and reliable.


Create your test within minutes

  • Add survey questions
  • Define tasks for test participants
  • Insert testing media: web URL, video, image or prototype
  • Chose between single or A/B test
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Invite test participants

Let your test participants run the test comfortably from home, with their smartphones and the Oculid app

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Draw conclusions from your results

‍Compare what test participants looked at to where they clicked and to what they said while completing your test

Illustration of a woman looking at a computer with a dashboard with test results

Test Results

Whether you want to run extensive sample studies or smaller ones to gather qualitative data, we have got you covered! Oculid’s testing platform has a set of result visualizations that meet both ends.

Video Replay

Watch your test participants' screen recordings with taps, heatmaps and gaze paths. Listen to what they said while performing your tasks and determine which parts of your design stand out.

Mobile phone animation with an interface and heatmaps moving on it
Heatmaps on a picture


See which areas of your campaigns capture the most attention through our eye tracking heatmaps. Review various data points such as average dwell time, time to first fixation, etc.


Analyse aggregated and individual sets of statistical data about your participants' behaviour. Select eye tracking metrics like the number of fixations, attention span, etc.

Photo of Oculid's dashboard with test results

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Gather reliable insights about your audience

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